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Want To Discover Indirect Suggestion Techniques Guaranteed To Influence Anyone You Meet?
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"From Peter Johnson, Conversational Hypnosis Expert,

Conversational Hypnosis is a revolutionary form of hypnosis which allows user's to hypnotize anyone and get them to do what they want, when they want. Imagine the power you will have when you harness these abilities? You could literally explode your income, overcome personal differences with colleagues, and strengthen your relationships.

Currently The Power Of Converstional Hypnosis is without doubt the leader in terms of hypnosis training options, due to its proven results and high customer satisfaction. The course is designed by a real world class hypnotist- Igor Ledochowski - which clearly sets it apart from the competition. The course quickly and easily shows users how to put people under a spell and get them to do what you want, when you want, without them ever knowing...

Here is a list of the products we currently recommend:

Power Of Conversational Hypnosis |  Underground Hypnosis |
Covert Hypnosis

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The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

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Igor Ledochowski, the creator of this revolutionary conversational hypnosis product, is one of the most sought after hypnosis instructor in the world - and for good reason. Imagine if you could seriously influence people, put them under your spell, and get them to do exactly what you want, when you want? This is all now possible with the Power Of Conversational Hypnosis.

You might of seen this amazing form of mind control demonstrated recently by controversial hypnotist Derren Brown.  You will be able to unlock the secret potential which exists in your mind, and use it to hypnotize anyone you meet, improve your relationships, and succeed in your career.

Conversational Hypnosis up until recently was extremely difficult to learn online. Now one of the world's best hypnotists (Igor Ledochowski) has created this incredible product which has made it possible for anyone to learn hypnosis fast and effectively.

Suddenly you will be influencing anyone to follow your lead, compelling colleagues to do what you want and improving all of your relationships.

The course has little parallel in terms of the quality and depth of the materials you receive after purchase. There are also 2 package options - Standard Package (Audio Course's, Manual Transcripts and Bonuses) and a Platinum Package (All Materials, Bonuses and Unique Access To Igor's Private Blog, Forum and Online Sessions).

The Platinum package is a fantastic option for more serious users- the forum, blogs and master session's are incredible tools that will skyrocket your hypnosis abilities. Currently the platinum package also comes with 1 FREE Month for a limited time.

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hypnosis training graphic 3 Incredible Value For Money- A Wealth Of Quality Hypnosis Products At A Fraction Of The Cost.
self hypnosis graphic 4 Created By A World Class Hypnotist- Igor Ledochowski Is One Of The World's Leading Hypnotists.
hypnosis course graphic 5 Fast Results- Some Users See Results Within The First Day Of Learning.
covert hypnosis graphic 6 Works On Everyone- You Will Be Able To Influence Anyone You Wish.
learn hypnosis now 12 Make Serious Money- Master The Techniques And People Will Beg You To Teach Them Hypnosis.
covert hypnosis manual operator graphic 7 Money Back Guarantee- Unconditional 8 Week Money Back Guarantee. 100% Risk Free.

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Check Out This Amazing Video Of Conversational Hypnosis In Action!

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Underground Hypnosis

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Underground Hypnosis is the creation of Taylor Starr, a complete hypnosis fanatic and expert. Taylor stumbled upon an incredibly powerful 'Black Ops Underground Hynposis' circle, who were practicing the most powerful forms of conversational hypnosis known to man. Taylor was taken in by this secret society, and he learned how to conquer and influence any person he met. His Undergroung Hypnosis course is the lifeblood of his learnings, and the techniques and skills learned are at times beyond comprehension - in a word phenomenal.

Clearly what sets this course apart are the secretive and powerful undergounrd techniques used. This product has been largely shunned by the hypnosis community due to the power it holds. With Undergounrd hypnosis you will quickly learn how to: hypnotise anyone you meet and preplant triggers to get them to do what you want when you want, learn how to make serious money with hypnosis( some hypnotists make US$15000 a night!), get groups of people to do exactly as you want, how to bring someone out of a trance exactly when you choose, how to hypnotize someone via email and how to hypnotize someone without them ever knowing. The course is delivered in audio form - CD's are inlcluded and included over 97 hours of hard work. The course is not for the feint hearted, and you will be amazed with the results.

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download hypnosis graphic 10 Insane Value For Money- Audio Materials are Unbelievably Detailed.
hypnosis online graphic 11 Unique Underground Techniques- Learn Extremely Powerful Techniques which are not publicly known.
learn hypnosis now 12 Make Serious Money- Learn How Some Hypnotists Make Up To US$15000 per night!
hypnosis cd graphic 13 Hypnotize Anyone- Learn How To Hypnotize Anyone And Get them To Do What You Want.
 Money Back Guarantee- Unconditional 8 Week Money Back Guarantee. 100% Risk Free.

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Covert Hypnosis




Covert Hypnosis, as its title suggests is a good conversational hypnosis product, which focusses on hypnotizing people without them even knowing. In fact the creator, Nathan Blaszak, suggests that we have all done this at some time in our life without even knowing. The techniques learned can be applied to 1 person or a whole group of people. With these techniques you will be able to increase your income, improve your relationships and solve any personal problems you may have with people in minutes.

What sets this course apart from the competition is that it shows how to hypnotize someone via conversation as well as via writing- and specifically without them ever having a clue what has happened! The course consists of the main manual 'How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught', as well as 7 Bonus Free Gifts including 'The Secret Book Of Unconscious Gestures' and 'Surefire Hypnosis Gold.


 Great Value For Money- Comprehensive Manual And Fantasic Unique Bonuses
 Stealth Secrets- Never Get Caught With The Covert Hypnosis Techniques
 Make Serious Money- Explode Your Wealth With These Unique Methods
 Magic Words Learn Magic Words Which Will Result In Immediate Compliance
 Money Back Guarantee- 8 week unconditional risk free guarantee

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